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United Global Group Inc. (UGG), is a focused mission-centric professional services, general contractor and builder, with a unique ability to provide high skilled professional services in the area of acquisition, logistics, design, engineering, test and evaluation, information technology and financial management of total life cycle systems support services of various weapon systems. We have a proven, successful record of commercial and government professional services, general contractor and building in support of both commercial and government requirements.  UGG was founded in Fredericksburg, VA Sep 11, 2012. We are a HUB Zone, small minority service disabled veteran owned business that is known for providing expert professional services.

Create. Visualize. Deploy.

We are passionate about creating and delivering high quality work, meeting the business needs of our clients and ensuring the very best user experience for their customers. 

Business Capability/Plan/Approach

Our mission is to provide Client’s a truly competitive option by being the preferred integrator of diverse construction design build resources that encompass the best LBs, SBs, academia and laboratories

Be a trusted partner

The Client community can be sure that the phrase, “your interests come first” is not an empty slogan – it is our corporate charter as a for profit organization that will blend into a nonprofit const-ruction firm to operate in the public good

Be a long-term partner

As a Small Business Service Disabled Veteran Owned firm, another company cannot acquire UGG as our amended directions will seek Hybrid for-profit and non-profit status under revised Virginia Law

Be transparent

The Client community can be as involved in our processes as it wants to be throughout the design build process. Our Web-based Client’s Portal provides a view of relevant metrics that show how well we’re performing. This is a key, best practice from our other commercial efforts that we will bring to Federal government Client’s

Be cost effective

The UGG community will not have to sacrifice quality support for corporate profit. UGG’s low fees and fair profit margins will result in more hours of direct labor, yielding higher quality work.   As demonstrated, our commitment to this direction, full reporting and disclosure of company officers individual financials will be made available to our perspective clients, although not required

Together we expanded vision, create and make it

The UGG make the idea’s that takes the parts of a structure and turns them into a reality

Open Minded
Highly Motivated
Be patient
Always on Time

United Global Group Experts

We are passionate about creating and delivering high quality work, meeting the business needs of our clients and ensuring the very best

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Larry G. Paige II

Managing Director
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