The construction industry in the U.S is a role model. Spending on construction withinside the U.S. without difficulty exceeded $1 trillion in 2017 and in 2018, the personal quarter noticed approximately $951 billion of that. There are many exceptional sub-industries of the development business, appearing paintings in exceptional regions like commercial, industrial, institutional, and civil construction offerings. Every year, Engineering News-Record (ENR) releases its listing of the Top four hundred Contractors. In 2019, the corporations featured generated a combined $405 billion. To discover the enterprise leaders, we checked out the sales and primary tasks of firms, the usage of records sourced each from ENR’s listing in addition to our very own research. Get to understand the pinnacle construction corporations in 2019 below:

1. Bechtel

  • Bechtel logo
  • Bechtel 2019 Total Revenue: $21.eight billion
  • Domestic Revenue: $15.89 billion
  • Stock Symbol: BPR

Bechtel is the most important construction organization withinside the US and has been on account that 2016. The organization makes a specialty in construction, engineering, and mission control. Founded in 1898 through Warren Bechtel, the organization’s headquarters are actually in Reston, Virginia.

Some of the tasks include:

  • The Hoover Dam, Clark County, Nevada
  • London City Airport, London, England
  • Sydney Metro, Sydney, Australia
  • Crossrail, London, England

Subs and providers interested in working with Bechtel may be glad to understand the organization has no price troubles suggested on ninety-six percent of its tasks withinside the final twelve months. These price practices earn Bechtel an excessive Payment Score.

2. The Turner Corporation

  • Turner Corporation logo
  • The Turner Corp. 2019 Total Revenue: $15.28 billion
  • Domestic Revenue: $14.7 billion
  • Stock Symbol: FWB: HOT

The Turner Corporation is a construction control organization primarily based totally out of New York City. Founded in 1902 through Henry Chandlee Turner, the organization now works on a number of the biggest tasks withinside the country. With over 10,000 employees, the organization works on as many as 1,500 tasks every year.

Some of the tasks include:

  • Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
  • Columbus Crew MLS Stadium, Columbus, Ohio
  • Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California
  • Nationwide Children’s Hospital Inpatient Tower, Columbus, Ohio

Subs and providers searching into operating with The Turner Corporation need to be conscious that they have got had price troubles on 12 percentage in their tasks withinside the beyond twelve months, incomes the organization a medium Payment Score. While maximum contractors locate Turner will pay on time, one contractor had this to say: “This organization takes a median of 124 days to pay every one of our billings, ought to sincerely be faster,” whilst some other contractor stated, “Excellent! Better than any we’ve got labored within lots of years.”


  • AECOM logo
  • AECOM 2019 Total Revenue: $11.1 billion
  • Domestic Revenue: $9,880.5
  • Stock Symbol: NYSE: ACM

AECOM is a massive engineering and layout firm, operating in regions like smooth water and electricity in addition to public tasks. The organization’s headquarters are in Los Angeles, California, even though it’s concerned with lots of worldwide tasks. AECOM employs 87,000 human beings thinking about it’s one of the more recent corporations at the listing, based in 1990.

  • Warner Brothers World, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • One Vanderbilt Avenue, New York, New York

AECOM has joint ventures indexed on Levelset’s Payment Profile web page; AECOM Hunt and AECOM Tishman. Both ventures have low Payment Scores, with AECOM Hunt having price troubles on 27 percentage of tasks, and AECOM Tishman having troubles on 13 percentage of its tasks. You will need to combat again fees and made up excuses. In this case, you probably will now no longer receive a commission settlement value. This is what befell to us and won’t mirror what takes place to different subs.” However, some other contractors had this to say: “It’s often paid while paid and that they pay withinside the time allotted through set off pay statute.”

4) The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

  • Whiting-Turner logo
  • Whiting-Turner 2019 Total Revenue: $9.eighty three billion
  • Domestic Revenue: $9.eighty three billion
  • Stock Symbol: Private

The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company is a Baltimore, Maryland primarily based totally construction organization that specializes in commercial, education, healthcare, technology, existence sciences, and transportation tasks. Whiting-Turner most effective works withinside the US, with 50 places from Massachusetts to Hawaii. It’s additionally certainly considered one among the biggest personal companies withinside the country, in keeping with Forbes.

Some of the tasks include:

  • Porsche North America Headquarters, Atlanta, Georgia
  • University of Virginia Rotunda Renovation, Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Ruby City, San Antonio, Texas

Whiting-Turner labored on 842 jobs withinside the beyond twelve months. Contractors suggested price troubles on 12 percentage of these tasks. Reviews variety from “Perfect, as always” to “Still haven’t paid!!! I Will now no longer receive any more paintings from those guys.

5) Kiewit Corporation

  • Kiewit logo
  • Kiewit 2019 Total Revenue: $10.6 billion
  • Domestic Revenue: $9.four billion
  • Stock Symbol: KIRBY

Kiewit is an Omaha, Nebraska-primarily based totally construction, engineering, and mining offerings organization. Founded in 1884, Kiewit now employs over 22,000 human beings, with places throughout the United States and Canada.

Some of the tasks include:

  • Salt Lake City University Line, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Holland Performing Arts Center, Omaha, Nebraska
  • Homestead Motorsports Complex, Homestead, Florida
  • I-229 Corridor, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  • Ghent CCR Transport Project, Ghent, Kentucky

Kiewit labored on eighty-one tasks withinside the final twelve months. Of the ones eighty-one tasks, ninety-three percentage went off without a price hitch. However, Kiewit is a sluggish payer, with a few contractors reporting greater than ninety days earlier than receiving the price. These price practices earn Kiewit a low Payment Score.

One reviewer’s primary grievance needed to do with paperwork: “We needed to ship our invoices to them more than one time. The team of workers dealing with our files modified and that they did now no longer appear to understand the way to distribute the files out in the course of their very own departments for approval. The revel in might has been better. We have destiny paintings with them and are hoping it is going greater smoothly.”

6) McDermott International

  • McDermott logo
  • McDermott International 2019 Total Revenue: $12.four billion
  • Domestic Revenue: $eight.four billion
  • Stock Symbol: NYSE: MDRIQ

McDermott International is a Houston, Texas primarily based totally on engineering, procurement, production, and set up organization operating ordinarily withinside the oil enterprise. The organization is ninety-seven years antique and has over 70,000 employees.

Some of the tasks include:

  • Astoria Power Plant, Queens, New York
  • BP Chemicals Adsorber Vessel, Lima, Ohio
  • BP Refinery Coke Drums, Carson California
  • Argentina Propane/Butane Export Terminal, Purto Galvan, Argentina
  • Baton Rouge FCC Unit Turnaround, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

McDermott International labored on 21 tasks withinside the final twelve months and skilled price issues on fifty-seven percent of them. Coupled with the sluggish price time frame (commonly over ninety days), it has a low Payment Score.

7) StructureTone (previously STO Building Group Incorporated)

  • StructureTone logo
  • STO Building Group Inc. 2019 Total REvenue: $eight.four billion
  • Domestic Revenue: $7.89 billion
  • Stock Symbol: Private

STO Building Group Incorporated, now called the StructureTone Organization, is a conglomerate of 8 production firms. STO’s headquarters are in New York, New York, however, the organization employs 2, two hundred human beings throughout the United States, Canada, and Ireland.

Some of the tasks include:

  • Tecovas, Inc., Dallas, Texas
  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral Restoration, New York, New York
  • Pinebridge Investments, New York, New York
  • Sage Plaza, Houston, Texas
  • ninth Wonder, Houston, Texas

StructureTone has had price troubles on thirteen percent of its tasks withinside the beyond twelve months, with some subs reporting ready greater than ninety days for price. These practices earn StructureTone a low Payment Score. When requested approximately how they’d describe the StructureTone price process, speed, and policy, one contractor stated simply: “three weeks in the back of on price of $4k.”

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